Queer Housing Nacional Googlegroup
QHN was founded in 2010 by Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, me – the person behind this blog. To date (December 2014), we have 471 and almost 600 messages. The listserv (which is actually a googlegroup) was intended to fill the gap of networking for housing resources, questions, discussions, and availabilities. Since often, we queer women of color uhaul, travel to San Francisco, DC, ATL, NYC, Chicago, and other major cities more than once a year, instead of sending long emails to your friends, requesting housing leads, here is a place where all members are committing to reading your post, and forwarding it to community members they know would benefit your stay, and your needs.

Since the list began in NYC, it’s primary and initial constituents are queer women of color from NYC.  However, it is a national listserv, and therefore, aims to expand to the entire queer community, everywhere, with a POC, women, and east coast focus.

Queer Housing Nacional Zine
I’ve removed all of the names, and compiled some of the welcome posts, so that folks could see what people have said upon registering for the list. In addition, images and prose are interspersed in this full color Zine which talks about Housing, Gentrification, our neighborhoods, the love of roommates, and the fear of homelessness in our housing world.

Queer Housing Nacional Book Chapter
As some of you know, I’ve published a book chapter titled: “Queer Housing Nacional: A Librarian’s Documentation of a Community-Specific Resource” In Melissa Morrone (Ed) Informed Agitation: Library and Information Skills in Social Justice Movements and Beyond. Duluth: Library Juice Press, 2014. The link above will take you to the unpublished version if you care to read.

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