Large 3-bdrms for Sublet | Sunday Open House | Feb 1st move-in

As you know – I am obsessed with housing and I happily purchased my first home…somewhere in NYC.

Although I am all ready to move into it, I still have a lease and am seeking some awesome queers to live it out! I’ve been in this apartment for five years and am so sad to leave. I want to gift it to the right person. So, here goes!

East Flatbush
(aka) my hometown that I can no longer afford:
It’s on the 2/5 train to Church Ave.  Only a couple of blocks from the train -literally a 4-5min walk. You can also walk 10 minutes to the Q train to Church.

The streets are littered with eateries and 24 hour laundry and vegetable stand, Caribbean Cuisine, ital/natural juice bar, health food store, duane reade, rite aid, traditional doughnut shop, plenty of Trini, Jamaican, and Haitian spots to indulge. A very lovely five minute bike ride to Prospect Park, and off of Bedford Avenue bike lane.

Largest Room – Very warm!
Smallest Room With Closet

PRICE (utilities included):

Foyer and Living Room

Per month – three bedrooms $750, $850, and $950 for the rooms if three separate people.

Or entire apartment $2400 (“entire apartment” means if I have to correspond with only one person as opposed to three, so for a couple or a coven of witches or an independent artist or something similar.)

Or $5800 for ten weeks for the entire apartment flat – no questions asked – that’s as low as I can go!

Here is the caveat.  There is a noisy and hostile neighbor downstairs that plays loud music at random moments of the night, and although you can hear it throughout the apartment, you can feel it in the master room (which is being rented for $750, even though it is the best room with two built in closets (not pictured here)… 
I am a librarian; I like quiet. But if you are into it, noise doesn’t bother you, you actually love loud music playing, then enjoy.
I’ve lived here for five years… It’s not the worst thing in the world. Ideal for someone with a partner and you can stay with her/him, someone who is hardly home, someone who is hard of hearing, or who will rent the entire apartment and travel to the other side when the music plays.
Feb 1st – April 15th [flexible]
Will it be furnished?
Not entirely. More empty than not. But we can arrange to leave things comfy for you.
What if you want to stay longer?
This is a definite possibility, and I can connect you with the management company to arrange your paperwork. They will need your proof of employment or other income verification, and you will have to sign a lease. Since it is at their discretion all sublets should be prepared to leave on the April 15th or before.

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